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Artist: Acoustic Truth

Song title: Time

Genre: Acoustic/Country/Pop

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Artist: On An On

Song title: Boy From School (Hot Chip Cover)

Genre: Experimental

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Artist: Savage Sister

Song title: Glass Peacock

Genre: Alternative/Dream/Electronic 

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Artist: J1S

Song title: Too Late (Produced by Th3rd World)

Genre: Hip Hop

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Artist: Invisibles Remix

Song title: Color Theory

Genre: Electronic

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Netherfriends, La Guerre, and Gavin Wilkinson at The Whistler
Date: Monday, July 22nd 
Time: 8:30 pm
Place: The Whistler- 2421 North Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL. 
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NETHERFRIENDS LA GUERRE (Katlyn Conroy of Cowboy Indian Bear) GAVIN WILKINSON (of Bears of Blue River)

Artist: They Will Say We Were Cynics

Song title: Some Sort of Balancing Act

Genre: Instrumental/Experimental

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Artist: Pygmy Tribe

Song title: Infinitesimally

Genre: Acoustic/Indie

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Artist: The Hood Internet

Song title: Adornocene

Genre: Electronic/Chill

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Artist: Savage Sister

Song title: Old Orchard Beach (Magnetic Fields Cover) 

Genre: Alternative/Ambient/Dream pop

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